Thursday, January 12, 2006


why is when people see gold leather/pleather pants in the store they think hey that is a great idea and buy them??? I just don't get it, they are gold pants, leather pants that are gold! how could this be a good thing????? and those people who buy them, all they are doing is conviencing buyers that this is a good idea, therefore leading to gold pants being a contstant in the store!

no one i repeat no one should ever wear gold pants unless:

1. you are attending a gold leather pants party

2. it is halloween

3. you are a cher impersonator

4. you are blind and the sales person tells you that they are black so to get them off the shelf

5. you are a character from austin powers named goldmember

6. you are colour blind and gold looks like brown

7. you are an overnight highway worker, a pair of gold shiny pants is sure to reflect the light of a highbeam insuring your safety

8. it is christmas and you are the christmas star in the local Nativity scene

9. it is your last day on earth and you want to go out with a bang!

10. your a model in a dolce and gabana fashion show and gold is the new black!

if any of your reasons match the above than i will forgive you, if not i ask you to please be kind to your fellow humans eyes and get rid of them!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a new day a new complaint!

1st i desperately want to move out of my stupid house...don't get me wrong i love my parents and it has been great thus far, but i am soo sick of having to take a cold shower because my dad is doing the laundry, again! i don't know why there is so much laundry, because he only does his own and my mom's but for some reason he has to do the laundry everyday! how is it possible that my parents wear enough clothes in one day, that the laundry needs to be done? do they change every hour?

as well, if that isn't annoying enough, everytime i try to make myself food my dad feels that this is a great time to put away the dishes. he will be home all day and i will be at work, come home, starving and as soon as i begin to make food m dad is there , in the damn way, putting the freaking dishes away. i don't understand why he can't do it when i am at work, or why he can't do it after i am finished! it is not like i am making a 7 course meal that will take all freaking day! i am talking 10mins max!

then yesturday my mom fully walked in on me in the bathroom, why you ask, to get her stupid freaking hair brush! why was it soo important that she had to get it right there and then? why could she not wait like 5 mins????

what the hell is going on in my house!

then my boyfriend comes over, well this would appear to be the high point until he starts on me again about the lack of "action" he has received! ahhhh ok its not like there is so much privacy in my house, as you can see from the above statements! as well i am not a 2o+ year old male, i hate to break it to him but my sex drive has not reached the same height as his own. and frankly him fondling my breast is not the most romantic way of communicating that he is in the mood!

ahhhh i want to scream!!! why doesn't he understand!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My First Time!

Well this is offically my first blog, and figuring out what i wanted to say in the first of what i hope to be many was no easy task. after much consideration i have decided to let you get to know me a little better by sharing with you my various thoughts and feeling on a variety of topics. So here goes:

1. stephen harper scares me

2. I think Tony Blair secretly wants to takeover the world

3. the licence for the elevator at my work has expired and everytime i get on it i secretly think i am going to die

4. I secretly think that bus drivers are sucide bomber and everytime i get on a bus i think i am going to die

5. I don't understand how some men can have forests growing from their ears and not notice

6. which side of the road is the right side?

7. Americans are fat!

8. Americans are rude!

9. George W Bush is really an android

10. Sometimes i see someone on public transportation and wonder if they have a mirror? if they do, did they check it before they left the house?

and because this is the first i will add another for good messure!

11. muscle pants are not and never will be cool!

well i am quite tired and i am going to take a nap! talk to you later!